How to pick the best pressure washer surface cleaner – Buying guide

Are you also sick of the tough traces that your pressure washer leaves on surfaces? When you need to know the proper usage, the best solution to a problem becomes a problem itself. Surface cleaners are the answer to all your cleaning queries. You only need to find the best pressure washer surface cleaner suited to your needs.

Pressure washers are incredible tools that make your driveways, patios, and other outdoor cleaning tasks a breeze. You should, however, be aware of how to make the most out of it. Pressure washer surface cleaners are your best friends that you will never regret investing in.

Pressure washer surface cleaner is an attachment that helps clean large, flat surfaces cleaning easy, efficiently, and quickly. However, with so many options in the market, it is tricky to find the best pressure washer surface cleaner.

In this article, I will discuss a few key factors that will help you pick the best pressure washer surface cleaner highly meant to get attached to your pressure washer.

How does a pressure Washer Surface Cleaner work?

A pressure washer surface cleaner is an attachment for your pressure washer designed to clean flat surfaces. It features a spinning bar that sprays water evenly across the surface, allowing you to clean large areas quickly and easily. Surface cleaners come in various sizes, from 10 to over 30 inches in diameter, and are typically made of durable materials like stainless steel or aluminium.

Before diving more profound, it is essential to know the different purposes of a pressure washer surface cleaner. Although, pressure washers serve house owners looking to clean their houses deep. They are also well known for helping commercial and professional cleaners equally. However, commercial and professional cleaning tasks are challenging and require extra effort and heavy-duty pressure washer surface cleaner to do the job.

Pressure washer surface cleaner for homeowners

Pressure washer surface cleaners serve homeowners looking to clean surfaces like walls, concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios. You attach a pressure washer surface cleaner to your pressure washer, turn on the water supply and the pressure washer, and then sweep the surface cleaner back and forth over the surface you wish to clean. The surface cleaner removes dirt and grime using spinning nozzles while simultaneously sucking up unclean water and debris, leaving the surface clean and dry.

Commercial surface cleaner for pressure washer

Commercial pressure washer surface cleaner works similarly to a consumer cleaner but is designed to do more demanding and extensive area cleaning tasks. These surface cleaners often have more robust motors and bigger diameters, which enable them to clean faster and across larger areas. Additionally, they might include pressure settings that can be altered to clean various surfaces with various amounts of pressure.

How to pick the best pressure washer surface cleaner

The key factors you should consider before selecting the best pressure washer surface cleaner are discussed below.

1. Pressure washer surface cleaner Size

Size is essential to consider when choosing a pressure washer surface cleaner. The size of the surface cleaner entirely depends upon the size of the area you need to clean. A 10-12 inch surface should work best with a small patio or driveway. However, you’ll want to choose a giant surface cleaner for more extensive area cleaning.

2. Material

I will always recommend investing in a more durable material. Although surface cleaners do come in plastic material, they are not stable in the long run. Surface cleaners are available in stainless steel or aluminium that is durable and resistant to any wear and tear caused by regular and rough use.

3. Water Flow Rate

You can find out how much water the surface cleaner can handle by looking at the water flow rate, expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). A cleaner that can take more water and has a higher GPM will be better at cleaning huge surfaces. Finding a balance between cleaning power and water conservation is necessary because a greater GPM indicates you will consume more water.

4. Pressure Rating

Another crucial factor is the surface cleaner’s pressure rating. How much pressure the cleaner can withstand is indicated by the pressure rating. A cleaner with a more excellent pressure rating can handle grime and stains that are more difficult to remove, but you must be careful not to scratch delicate surfaces. To quickly change the pressure to the proper amount for the surface you are cleaning, look for a surface cleaner with an adjustable pressure control.

5. Design

A surface cleaner with an ergonomic handle that is pleasant to grip and operate over extended periods is what you should seek out. Additionally, seek a cleaner with simple controls that make it simple and quick to change the pressure and water flow rate. Choose a cleaner with a swivel head to easily manoeuvre around obstructions and into tiny spots.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

1. How do I attach a pressure washer surface cleaner to my pressure washer?

Pressure washer surface cleaners are easily connected using a quick connect fitting with the pressure washer’s wand. Remove the rod and attach the surface cleaner to the end of the hose.

2. Can I use a pressure washer surface cleaner on all surfaces?

Pressure washer surface cleaners are safe to use for most surfaces. However, delicate surfaces may be carefully dealt with. For applications like wood, adjust the pressure washer to a lower pressure to avoid damage.

3. How often should I replace my pressure washer surface cleaner?

Honestly, there is no thumb rule to this. The frequency of replacing a pressure washer surface cleaner largely depends upon the frequency of use and the quality of the cleaner itself. Generally, I recommend replacing the surface cleaner’s brush or nozzle every 100 hours or once a year to ensure optimal performance.

4. Are pressure washer surface cleaners worth it?

Of course, pressure washer surface cleaners are worth the investment as they save time and effort in cleaning large surfaces quickly and efficiently without causing damage. However, they carry an additional cost and are unnecessary for all cleaning tasks.

5. What is the best pressure washer for commercial Surface Cleaner?

Best commercial pressure washer surface cleaner brands include Honda, Generac, and Shark. Look for models with high PSI and GPM ratings and durable components that can withstand frequent use.

6. Can you put a Surface Cleaner on any pressure washer?

Most pressure washers have quick connect fitting, enabling a surface cleaner to attach easily. However, before investing in one, you must check the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine if the surface cleaner attachment is compatible with your pressure washer. It is important because surface cleaners are often designed to work with specific pressure washer brands and designs. It is, therefore, advisable to check the compatibility of both devices before attempting to use them together.

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