Setting up Your Pressure Washer Hose Reel

Isn’t it amazing how a primary tool like a pressure washer hose can create such a commotion? We’re all too familiar with the frustration of untangling a tangled hose, the time-consuming rewinding, and the search for an appropriate storage solution. You’re not alone in this, so don’t worry. The fantastic news is that the new pressure washer hose reels era offers creative methods to tame this rogue beast. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Imagine a world without knotted hoses or disorganized storage issues. You’ll discover a revolutionary way to easily store and manage your hose with a hose reel by your side. Be ready to become a true pro at installing your pressure washer hose reel. This post will guide you through the importance of a hose reel, the types of reels, and how to choose the right one based on your needs. It will also guide you through installing a hose reel step-by-step. Let’s explore!

Why Use a Pressure Washer Hose Reel?

A pressure washer reel is necessary for your pressure washing setup due to its many benefits.

Simple Hose Management

You can effortlessly wind and unwind your pressure washer hose with a hose reel, preventing tangling and assuring a tidy storage option. It makes organizing and detangling the hose quicker and easier, making cleaning go faster. Pressure washer hose reels make your everyday organizing jobs easier and faster.

Durability and Hose Protection

Your pressure washer hose will be better protected if reeled up and stored correctly to avoid kinks, UV rays, and usual wear and tear. A hose reel can ultimately save you money by reducing needless strain and extending the life of your hose. A pressure washer with a hose reel has a more extended durability.

Optimizing Space

When not in use, a hose reel enables you to keep your pressure washer hose neatly tucked away and out of the way. Removing clutter and enhancing general organization help free up important space in your garage or storage area. Optimizing your space also helps you smooth your day-to-day tasks.

Types of Pressure Washer Hose Reels

There are many different varieties of pressure washer hose reels, each with unique features and advantages. Selecting the choice that best meets your needs can be made easier by being aware of the various options accessible.

Manual Hose Reels

Manual pressure washer hose reels were once just commonplace items. They were manually operated machines that wound the hose around a drum. These antiques required much time and effort to rewind the hose, irritating users. You must manually wound and unwind the hose on manual hose reels. However, they are frequently more economical and ideal for light to moderate-pressure washing chores. Manual hose reels are a reliable option for homeowners and infrequent pressure washer users, even though they could take a little more work.

Retractable Pressure washer Hose Reel or spring-driven hose reel

The hose can be pulled out using a retractable pressure reel automatic winding mechanism. A spring mechanism in retractable hose reels, also known as spring-driven hose reels, automatically retracts the hose. The spring’s tension increases and is stored when the hose is unwound. The hose retracts to the reel after completing the task and releasing the tension. They are perfect for frequent or professional use because they are convenient and straightforward. Although they usually are more expensive, a retractable pressure washer hose reel offer exceptional utility and durability.

Portable hose reel

A portable hose reel is a beautiful choice if flexibility and portability are requirements. These reels are made to be portable and frequently have handles or wheels to make transportation simple. Cleaning jobs in various locations or areas are among the many applications for portable hose reels.

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Choosing the Right Pressure Washing Hose Reels

To ensure you get the correct pressure washing hose reels, there are a few things to consider.

Size and Volume of the Hose

Choose a reel that can comfortably fit the length of the pressure washer hose after determining its length. To be sure the reel can support the diameter and length of your hose, also think about the reel’s capacity.

Compatibility of the hose material

Various materials make pressure washer hoses, including PVC, rubber, and polyurethane. To avoid any compatibility concerns or damage, make sure the reel you select is suitable for the material of your hose.

Choices for Mounting

When selecting a mounting option, consider where to attach your hose reel. Wall-mounting, floor-mounting, or portable solutions are common mounting choices. Ensure the mounting hardware is included as part of the package or separately, if necessary.

Characteristics of the Construction

By investing in a robust and premium model, you can be confident that your hose reel will survive the strain of pressure washing. Try to find reels manufactured of durable materials that will last, like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic.

Enhancing Characteristics

Some hose reels also have extra features like swivel mounts for better manoeuvrability, tension controls that may be adjusted, or built-in guides for simple hose retraction. Based on your unique needs and preferences, take into consideration these aspects.

How to Install Your Power washing Hose Reel

It is time to carefully install the hose reel you chose for your pressure washer. To ensure a successful installation, adhere to the steps below:

1. Prepare Your Tools: Before beginning, assemble the required equipment, including a drill, screws, wall anchors (if necessary), and a tape measure.

2. Pick a Mounting Location: A good place for your hose reel should be determined. It should be conveniently reachable and near a water source. Ensure adequate room for the reel to spin and for the hose to be removed unhindered.

3. Prepare the Mounting Surface: If you plan to put the reel on a wall, ensure that the wall is strong enough to sustain the weight of the reel and the hose when fully stretched. Use a stud finder if necessary to discover wall studs for safe mounting.

4. Mark the Mounting Holes: Hold the reel level against the mounting surface. The mounting holes should be marked using a pencil or marker.

5. Drill Pilot Holes: Drill pilot holes at the indicated locations using a drill bit just a little smaller diameter than the screws. When you put the screws, this will lessen the chance of the wall cracking.

6. Attach the Reel: Use the supplied screws to fasten the reel to the mounting surface by aligning the mounting holes on the reel with the pilot holes.

7. Connect the Hose: Join one end of the pressure washer hose to the connector or inlet on the reel. Use the proper fittings or couplings to provide a secure connection.

8. Secure the Hose: Depending on the reel type, you may need to manually wound the hose onto the reel or use the winding mechanism already there. Please ensure the hose is equally distributed and free of twists or kinks by winding it onto the reel per the manufacturer’s instructions.

9. Examine the Setup: Check for leaks or other anomalies after turning on the water supply. To ensure smooth operation, repeatedly extend and retract the hose.

10. Look after your hose reel: Examine and clean it frequently to keep it in top shape. Clean up any dirt or debris, lubricate any moving components as needed, and immediately remove any problems to stop additional harm.


  1. Can you use air hose reel for pressure washer?

Absolutely! It’s impossible to use an air hose reel with a pressure washer; it’s like attempting to put a square peg into a round hole. Trying to drive a monster truck while suspended from a tightrope is ridiculous! It’s illogical, like wearing a bikini in a blizzard. Instead of using an air hose reel intended for something entirely different, your pressure washer needs a hose reel made explicitly for its high-pressure water flow. Avoid putting your pressure washer through unnecessary pain by using the incorrect tools. Use the proper tool for the job and treat it with the respect it deserves!

2. How to connect hose reel to pressure washer?

Following these instructions will enable you to connect a hose reel to a pressure washer:

  • Choose the pressure washer’s water intake. The machine’s front or side is where you’ll find it.
  • Locate the water outlet connector on the hose reel and take it out.
  • The pressure washer’s water input and the hose reel’s water outlet should be in line.
  • The pressure washer’s water input, and then insert the hose reel’s other end.
  • By tightening any couplings or fittings, confirm that the connection is secure.
  • Turn on the water supply briefly to check for leaks, then inspect the connection points for any signs of water leaving.
  • You can move forward if there are no leaks. Now your pressure washer is connected to the hose reel.
  • Remember that any model-specific instructions or concerns will be found in the user manual of your particular pressure washer and hose reel.

3. How to connect pressure washer hose to hose reel?

Following these procedures will allow you to attach a pressure washer hose to a hose reel:

  • The water outlet on your pressure washer should be the first thing you find. The hose attaches at this point.
  • Check the pressure washer hose’s tip for the correct connectors before using it.
  • Fill the pressure washer’s water outlet with the hose’s tip.
  • To ensure that it is firmly in place, push it in.
  • Go to the hose reel and find the hose inlet there. Here, the hose will attach to the opposite end.
  • Use the pressure washer hose’s free end to join the reel’s inlet.
  • Verify that it is inserted and fastened correctly.
  • To prevent leaks, double-check to ensure both connections are solid and tight.

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