How to start Craftsman Pressure Washer – Step by Step Guide

A Craftsman pressure washer might be your ideal cleaning ally when it’s time to remove the filth and grime that have accumulated on your outdoor surfaces. Your driveway, deck, and other surfaces can be revitalized by the strong water blast, regaining their luster and cleanliness. Even the most powerful tools, though, need a good beginning, and that’s where we come in. However, you are facing issues when you aim to start Craftsman pressure washer.

This post will guide you on how to start Craftsman pressure washer and how to deal with troubleshooting pressure washers on startups. We’ll also walk you through each step of starting your Craftsman pressure washer in this thorough manual. These instructions will guarantee that your pressure washer starts up without a hitch, whether you’re a seasoned do-it-yourselfer or a beginner.

Step-by-step guide: How to start Craftsman pressure washer

Before diving into troubleshooting, let’s cover the basics of how to start Craftsman pressure washer. Following these steps ensures a smooth startup every time.

Step 1: Safety First

Always prioritize safety. Put on protective eyewear and gloves to shield yourself from debris and high-pressure water.

Step 2: Fuel and Oil Check

 Ensure there’s enough gasoline and oil in the respective tanks. Refer to your Craftsman pressure washer’s manual for the correct fuel and oil type and capacity.

Step 3: Water Supply Connection

Connect your pressure washer to a water source using a garden hose. Ensure that the water supply is turned on and the hose is free of kinks or obstructions.

Step 4: Prime the Pump

If your pressure washer has a primer bulb, press it several times to draw fuel into the carburetor. This primes the engine for a smoother start.

Step 5: Choke and Throttle Adjustment

 Set the choke to the “Closed” or “Choke” position if the engine is cold. Adjust the throttle to the lowest setting before starting.

Step 6: Pull Start

Gently pull the starter cord to kick-start the engine. Once the engine ignites, gradually move the choke to the “Open” or “Run” position.

Check out a detailed video to start craftsman pressure washer here.

Common Reasons for Pressure washer Startup issues

The Craftsman pressure washer is easy to start but if you are faced with any issues with any startups, here are few possible reasons.

1.      Fuel Issues

  • If you haven’t changed the fuel since a while, there might be a possibility that the fuel is stale or contaminated.
  • Fuel to oil ratio may be incorrect.


Drain out the old fuel and replace with fresh. Ensure that the fuel to oil mixture is correct.

  • Disassemble the carburetor and clean it thoroughly.
  • Replace clogged fuel filters.

2.      Problematic Spark plug

If you are facing startup issues, then check the spark plug that may have worn down. Common signs of a faulty spark plug are sluggish acceleration, declining fuel economy and engine knocking.

faulty spark plug - start craftsman pressure washer


Replace the spark plug. Here is how to do it.

  • Remove and inspect the spark plug for wear and fouling.
  • Clean or replace the spark plug as needed.

3.      Clogged Carburetor

There might be chances that your carburetor is clogged with dirt or debris when your pressure washer won’t start.

clogged carburetor


Clean the carburetor with a specific carburetor cleaner. Read How to clean a pressure washer carburetor without removing it – In 8 easy steps.

4.      Ignition system failure

Faulty ignition coil or magnet.

ignition coil faulty


Test the components of ignition using a spark tester and replace any malfunctioning components.

  • Use a spark tester to ensure the ignition coil is producing a spark.
  • Replace faulty ignition components.

5.      Air Filter blockage

Dirty or clogged air filter also hinder pressure washers to start.

clogged air filter


Clean or replace the air filter if necessary.

  • Remove the air filter and clean it using compressed air.

If the issue persists, consult a pressure washer technician for a comprehensive diagnosis.

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